Action Detail Report does not sort by Query Order

When running an Action Detail Report and selecting to sort the report by Query Order, the report still appears in order by Action Date.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


If the report needs to be sorted by Constituent Name, go to the Format tab of the report and select Sort/Break.  Uncheck the Sort by query order.
Select Name/ID from the Available fields and arrow it over to the right side.  

Note that not all fields are available for Sort.

Steps to Duplicate

1. login to The Raiser's Edge as Supervisor
2. Go to Query and open "All Current Parents" query 
3. Go to Sort tab and Sort by Name (ASC)
4. Save and Close the query
5. Go to Reports>Action Reports>Action Detail Report>New
6. Include a Query "All Current Parents"
7. Go to the Format tab>Sort/Break>check box to Sort by query order
8. Preview the report and note it is in order by Action Date


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