In Online Express in The Raiser's Edge
  1. Click on Online Express in the left Raiser's Edge menu
  2. Click on the Donations tab at the top
  3. Click on View Transaction History in the upper right
  4. In the new window for Transaction History, enter the desired search terms and click Search in the upper right
  5. Click Close in the lower right when finished to close this new window

Using Raiser's Edge Query

Using Raiser's Edge Reports

  1. Click Query in the left menu of The Raiser's Edge
  2. Click New Query
  3. Select Gift for the type and Dynamic for the format
  4. On the Criteria tab of the query, find the following field: Attributes > Specific Attributes > Online Express Transaction ID > Online Express Transaction ID Description and double click on it.
  5. Set this field with an operator of not blank.
  6. Click OK to add the field to the query.
  7. Save and close this query.
  8. Click on Reports in the left Raiser's Edge menu
  9. Click on Financial Reports and start a new Constituent Giving History report
  10. On the General tab, click Include and then Selected Records
  11. Search for the Gift query created in steps 1 through 7
  12. Double click on the query in the results to "attach" it to the report
  13. Set additional report criteria as desired, such as Gift dates on the General tab
  14. Click Preview or Print to run the report