If grades have already been entered:
These can be viewed in the report Grades - By Section, or Grades - By Section and Student Grade Level.
To access the reports: 
  1. Navigate to Analyze > Reports.
  2. From the Category drop-down, select Grading -- Grading Reports.
  3. Click Run next to the desired report.

If you would like to view a list of assessment grades for a course before it begins:
As the Grading Manager:
  1. Navigate to onRecord > Procedures > Grading
  2. In the 'Record Grades' tab, select the appropriate filters and press 'view'
  3. To the right of a course in the list, click 'Record'
  4. Click on the small PDF icon at the top left next to the course title
The resulting PDF will have the all of the Assessment Skills listed, regardless of no grades being entered yet. However, it also will have them listed in entirety per each student.