My contributions based membership did not automatically issue a member card

A contributions based membership has been awarded, but nothing has been issued in the membership card section. My contributions-based membership is not automatically issuing membership cards. 
Contributions-based memberships will not automatically issue membership cards. Instead, we will want to manually issue each card for constituents once the membership has been assigned.
  1. From Constituents, Click Constituent Search
  2. Search and Select the Constituent
  3. Navigate to the Memberships tab on the Constituent Record
  4. Click the Hyperlinked Membership Program Name to navigate to the Membership Record
  5. In the Membership Card Section, Click Issue New Card


Steps to Duplicate

Step 1: Ensure you have a Contributions-based Membership

Step 2: Add a Donation to a constituent record that points to the designation defined in your Membership Program
  1. Search and select a constituent
  2. In the task bar on the left, click add payment
  3. Enter the donation information
  4. Save

Step 3: Manually run the contribution process
  1. Click Memberships
  2. Click Membership Contribution Process, Click the Nightly Membership process
  3. In the task bar on the left, click start process

Step 4: Check Record and see that a Membership was awarded to the constituent, but a membership card was not issued.
  1. Navigate to the Constituent's Record
  2. Navigate to the Memberships Tab
  3. Click the hyperlinked Membership name
  4. See a card was not issued


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