If this is occurring for all patrons:
  1. Verify that notifications are set up for Daily Sales by following the steps in the video below:

If this is occurring for only one or few patrons but not all, check the following:

For individual notifications, verify the notification on the patron's record is set to display in daily sales:

  1. Open the Constituent Record
  2. Click on Documentation and Interactions
  3. Underneath Constituent Documentation, verify the documentation type has check mark underneath Notification
  4. If no check mark, click drop down next to documentation type and select Add notification
  5. Create the notification if needed, and ensure you click Display in Daily Sales
  6. Save

For notifications that use a selection, review the selection being used:

  1. Navigate to Administration> Notifications
  2. Note the name of the selection being used
  3. Navigate to Analysis> Information Library
  4. Open the selection and see what information is being filtered (ex: constituency)
  5. Verify the patron who is not appearing has the constituency the selection is filtering on
  6. Also, review the selection and ensure that it is saved as a Dynamic selection and not a Static selection