Scenario 1: You are adjusting the amount, appeal, effort, pledge subtype, or rescheduling installments:
If the change you are making does not affect what revenue accounts the previous payments are distributed to (for example: if you are changing the Amount, Appeal, Effort, Subtype, or Rescheduling Installments), click Yes. Your payments will not be removed from their deposits and you can complete saving your adjustments. No further action will be needed.

Scenario 2: You are adjusting the designation or revenue category:
If the change you are making does require an adjustment for previously paid installments (for example: if you are changing the Designation or Revenue Category), click Yes to move forward. Altru will remove the paid installments from their deposits.

We recommend you create a new deposit for the Adjustment date. Note: You will not be able to link this back to the original deposit since the Original Deposit is posted. If desired, you can make a note on the Documentation Tab of the original deposit record to indicate the adjustment has occurred. 
  1. On the payment record, click Link to Deposit under Tasks: User-added image
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for an existing deposit or to create a new one: User-added image
  3. To add a new deposit, click Add in the Search Screen: User-added image
  4. Enter the Deposit Information such as Deposit Date (this should match your Adjustment Date/Adjustment Post Date), Bank Account, and Reference and click Save: 
    User-added image
  5. Click Save again to link your payment to the new Deposit Record: 
    User-added image
  6. Repeat the steps above as needed for the rest of the payments made on the pledge. Once your payments have been linked to a Deposit, your adjustment is complete and ready to be posted. 
  7. You can view the Adjustment History at any time on the Adjustment History Tab of the Pledge: User-added image