What are the Default Queries that are within Altru?

There are default queries that come within Altru databases.
Please review the list of available queries below:
  1. Constituent Organization with Primary Contact
  2. Constituent Constituencies
  3. Address full primary
  4. Constituents with spouse name in name fields
  5. Constituent Organizations with no name
  6. Constituent Individuals with no last name
  7. All Interactions
  8. Addresses that are incomplete and Do Not Mail not set
  9. Payments adjusted to $0
  10. Designations ACTIVE
  11. Designations ALL
  12. Constituent Volunteers
  13. Constituent Notes
  14. Revenue Memberships
  15. Revenue Donations
  16. Constituents Deceased
  17. Constituent Phones
  18. Constituents with no primary address
  19. Payments adjust to $0
  20. Group Sales Reservations with payments
  21. Organizations with no name
  22. Individuals with no first name
  23. Individuals with No Last Name
  24. Spouse Relationship Type but Is Spouse not set
  25. Revenue for Acknowledgement
  26. Active constituents
  27. Constituent lifetime giving value
  28. Registrants who did not pay
  29. Registrants who did/did not attend an event
  30. Registrants to an event
  31. Sales orders by sales method type
  32. Sales order by fundraising event
  33. Sales orders by program
  34. Sales order by date
  35. Sales orders by amount
  36. Revenue greater than or equal to an amount
  37. Revenue entered in a specific batch number
  38. Revenue by date range
  39. Revenue by Designation
  40. Revenue by Appeal
  41. Constituents without an email address
  42. Constituents that made a payment within a date range
  43. Constituents by record type
  44. Constituents with a revenue transaction amount between
  45. Constituents by membership level
  46. Constituents with an active membership
  47. Constituents with revenue between date range
  48. Constituents with constituency code
  49. Constituents added between date range

If you don't see these queries in your database yet, you can add them in. All you need is the Accounting Manager role, and you can follow the steps below: 
  1. Download the file attached named Default-Queries
  2. Log in to Altru with the Accounting Manager role
  3. Click Administration > Click Configuration Data under Tools
  4. Click Configuration Import
  5. Click Choose File 
  6. Click Save
Note: If you receive an error, please contact support for assistance uploading the file. 

The queries will now be uploaded to your database for you to begin using. We recommend creating a folder for these in Information Library so you can keep all of these together and handy. To add the folder: 
  1. Click Analysis > Click Information Library
  2. Click Manage Folders to the left
  3. Click Add > Enter a Name for the folder > Click OK
  4. Click Save
  5. Search for queries created today by clicking on the filter/funnel in the Created On column and enter today's date
  6. Click Apply 
  7. Mark the checkboxes for all of the queries created today
  8. Click the Move button 
  9. Choose the folder you created > Click Save 

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