To delete a price type entirely:
  1. Click the Tickets tab in Altru and click Ticket sales setup.
  2. Click Price Types.
  3. Click the green arrows next to the price type in question and click Delete.
You may receive the message, "Unable to delete code table entry 'X' because it is in use." In this case, we'll need to remove this price type from any program that may have it listed. To find all programs with this price type, we'll set up a Program Query:
  1. Click Analysis>Information Library
  2. Click to Add an Ad-hoc query and select the Program source view.
  3. In the left column, click Prices. In the middle column, select Price type and add it to Include records where.
  4. Set it equal to the price type in question.
  5. Click the preview results tab to see all programs containing this price type.
From here, you'll need to go to each program and remove the price type from the price list. To do so:
  1. Click the Events tab and click Program Search.
  2. Find the program in question. Click the prices tab, and click the green arrows next to the price type in question.
  3. Click the delete option.
Once this is done for each program, it should be possible to delete the price type.

This can be a lengthy process depending on the price type, so you also have the option to inactivate the price type from the price type list. This will remove it from all areas of Altru but will leave it on the price type list for future use. To inactivate a price type:
  1. Click Administration> Code Tables
  2. At the top of this page, you'll see a Category dropdown menu. Click the dropdown arrow and select Ticketing. Click Apply.
  3. Find Price Types under the Code table name column. Click here.
  4. In the Price Type Table Entries, find the price type(s) you'd like to inactivate.
  5. Click the green arrows next to the price type and choose Edit.
  6. In the new window, you'll see an empty checkbox next to Inactive. Check this box and click Ok.
If you are looking to delete the price type, but can't seem to find it on any programs, it may already be inactivated.