Since the Payment may not be Paid and is Contingent, you will not be able to Pay the Payment unless you clear the contingencies. To do so, please follow the suggestions below:

- Be sure that the Payment is marked Contingent: In the Payment record, check the Payment tab and look to the right column to check the status.
- If the Payment is confirmed to be Contingent, check the Requirements tab to see if the Payment has any associated Requirements.
- If there are Requirements, open the Requirement records and check to see if the checkbox for 'Mark Payment as Contingent' is filled in.
- If the Requirement is set to 'Mark Payment as Contingent', then the Requirement must be marked as Done or deleted to change the status of the Payment from Contingent to Scheduled.
- If the Requirements are Marked as Done or deleted and the Payment is still stuck in Contingent status, please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at which will always have the most up to date information,