Error: Results could not be returned for this list - when running an Advanced List

When running or previewing an Advanced List, users may see the following error message:
Results could not be returned for this list due to the time required to run it.
Please review the list and consider adding additional filters to limit results.
Error message
This can be due to either not having enough filters to narrow down the results, or by objects being used in the Global filters not marked with an Inner Join.

Steps to Duplicate

One example of when a list may return this error:
  1. Go to Lists > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists.
  2. Select List Templates.
  3. Select Constituent Information from the Template Category drop-down.
  4. Click View/Copy next to the template Students with Parents (Flattened).
  5. Add the object User Register under Constituent Information.
  6. Select User Base.User ID = User Register.Student User Id.
  7. Un-mark Inner Join
  1. Add a filter for User Register.School Year any of [select School Year]
  2. Click Preview

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