BBIS Security Assignment changes are not saving

BBIS Security Assignment changes are not saving. When trying to save a Site Task,  if you select a task and hit save it will save, if you change the Org task and save it will will revert all attempted changes back to the defaults. The same seems to be if you change a Site task and then click on the radio button for Org task it will not save the change. This is seen in different browsers

A Security Assignment is meant to tie a Role to either a Site Task Group OR an Org Task Group.  If you need to tie a Role to both types of task groups, use two separate Security Assignments.  (one for the Site Tasks and another for the Org Tasks)

Steps to Duplicate

1. In BBIS, click Users and Security > Security Assignments
2. Click on pencil icon to edit Role
3. On Site Tasks change Site Task Group
4. On Organization Tasks Change Organization Tasks Group
5. Click Save
6. Changes did not stay


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