N/A Business relationship created after processing Connect RE updates

After syncing On Products/Core data with Raiser's Edge via Connect RE, users see that many records in RE have business relationships that say 'N/A'
The name field is required for any business relationships in The Raiser's Edge.  If the Business Name field is blank in the On Products/Core but other fields are entered then the business will sync and the name will be listed as N/A.
  1. Login to the On Products/Core
  2. Locate the affected record
  3. Go to the Contact Card and locate the Business section
  4. Click to edit the current business information
If there are any field filled out for the business including the Currently Employed checkbox the system will view this as a valid entry and send it to RE for processing.  Depending on how this business information was entered an adjustment will be needed to avoid this moving forward. 


 Raiser's Edge

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