To search through your applications using the Tracking Number follow these steps:

1. From the dashboard go to Launch > Applications > Retrieve and Manage Applications
2. The Pending Applications list appears > Click 'Refresh' to pull in any Applications waiting to be brought into your system
3. If the prompt alerts you that there are applications waiting retrieval, click 'Yes' to retrieve them > Wait for the next prompt and click 'OK' once all applications are retrieved
4. Click 'Search' at the top of the Pending Applications screen
5. On the Search Pending Applications window, click the 'Add More Options...' link at bottom left
6. You should see a Search Options window appear > Check the box for Application ID > Click OK
7. Now that you have added Application ID as a filter, enter the tracking number provided by your applicant in the field > Click 'OK'

8. If the search pulls no results, please refer to for how to search Historical Applications