I'm using Hostnet-FIMS, what is the recommended practice to re-install Citrix Receiver?

I want to re-install Citrix Receiver or there is a newer version of Citrix Receiver and I want to install that.  I'm having strange behavior or errors in Hostnet-FIMS and I think the Citrix Receiver may be causing these issues.
In these scenarios the recommended process is to uninstall Citrix Receiver using the Windows Programs and Features uninstall process.  Then use the Citrix Cleanup Utility.  Finally go onto the citrix website and download & install the latest version of Citrix Receiver.  Follow these steps:
  1. Uninstall Citrix Receiver using Windows
    1. Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Select Citrix Receiver and click Unistall (near top of window)
    2. Following uninstall prompts
  2. Run the Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utilitiy
    1. Download the attached "ReceiverCleanupUtility.zip file
    2. Extract/unzip the file
    3. Run the ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe file.  A command prompt window will appear and wait for you to hit a key to continue.  It'll run through it's process and then wait again for you to hit a key to close.
    4. It creates a file "config.xml" and a folder "log" in the location you ran it from.  These are unnecessary and can be deleted.
  3. Now we are ready to install the latest Citrix Receiver.
    1. Go to the Citrix website using a web browser: http://www.citrix.com/
    2. Hover the mouse arrow over Downloads from the menu.
    3. User-added image
    4. Click on the drop down arrow next to “Select a product…”
    5. Select “Citrix Receiver”
    6. The site will take you to the latest version of Citrix Receiver.
    7. Click on the “Download Receiver [Version] for Windows” link (Note the version will change as new versions are available)
    8. A file called “CitrixReceiver.exe” will download or ask you if you want to save it.
    9. Save the file.
    10. Find the file “CitrixReceiver.exe” (note most browsers give the option to run/open the file from with the browser) and run it. (If you are experiencing difficulties it's not necessary but you may have a better experience if you close all browsers before installing Citrix Receiver as it updates the file associates in the browsers)
    11. The software installer will pop up.  Click Start, check the accept license agreement box then click Next.
    12. User-added image
    13. If a window pops up regarding Single Sign-on, the “Enable single sign-on” box is should be unchecked.  Click the Install button..
    14. User-added image
    15. The Citrix Receiver software will begin to install.
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    17. Once installation is complete, you can click the “Finish” button – you never need to add an account for our purposes.
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