To be able to pay Payments without Budget Resolution, please be sure to check with your Grants Manager before you take the following steps:

1. Launch Budget Module
2. Highlight the Budget Year that corresponds to your Payment Fiscal Year > File > Open 'Budget Year Setup'
3. Once the Budget Year Setup window appears, take note of the bottom half of the window and the 'Types included in budget' field
NOTE - This field includes the Request types that require budget allocation; e.g. The field may include Cash Grants, Dinners and Events, and Sponsorships - any Requests of this type will have Payments that must be allocated to the Budget. Any Requests that do not fall into those categories will have Payments that do not require Budget Allocation
4. To remove Request types from this field, highlight the Request type in question > Click '<< Remove'
5. Any Payments that were tied to Requests of the type that was removed from the 'Types included in budget' field will now no longer require Budget Allocation