If your GIFTS users are running into issues launching MyGIFTS despite having added these users to a new user group that was granted full permissions to the GIFTS directory AND after all other user groups were removed, you must check and be sure that the Anonymous Authentication user also has full rights and permissions to the GIFTS directory as well.

To confirm this, please do the following:

1. From the server where MyGIFTS is installed, launch Internet Information Services Manager
2. Once Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager loads, expand the menu until you see your MyGIFTS site listed under Sites > Highlight the site to bring up IIS Features
3. Once you see IIS Features appear as icons, double-click 'Anonymous Authentication'
4. This brings up the Authentication feature where you will see Anonymous Authentication enabled > Right-click Anonymous Authentication and choose 'Edit...'
5. The Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials appear > Check on which Specific User is selected under Anonymous user identity > Often, this is the account called 'IUSR'
6. Grant full permissions to the GIFTS directory for this user account
7. Attempt to launch MyGIFTS > The program should load without issue