Notification emails are not being received

Online Express has the functionality to send automatic email notifications to users when a donation/event registration/membership sign-up transaction is made to their organization's Online Express forms.  Sometimes users might notice that no users or only some users at their organization are receiving notification emails.  This article will help users troubleshoot why they are not receiving their notification emails.
  1. Confirm the form is configured to send notifications to the email address
    1. Navigate to the form in your Online Express plugin
    2. Click the Edit hyperlink on the top right-hand corner of the form
    3. Click the Thank yous tab
    4. Confirm the user's email address is populated in the Receive email notifications for new donations panel
    5. If the email address is not populated in the Receive email notifications for new donations panel, type the email address in the panel
    6. Click Save & Close
  2. ​​​Add Blackbaud's email server IP ranges to your SPF record
  3. Whitelist Blackbaud's email server IP ranges
If after completing the above steps users are still not receiving notification emails, please contact Support with the following information:
  • The names of the specific forms that are not sending notification emails
  • The specific email addresses that are not receiving notification emails
  • Have users ever received notification emails?  If so, when did the users first notice they weren't receiving notification emails?
  • If users are receiving some of the notification emails, please provide the specific transactions that did NOT send a notification email to users (Donor name, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount will suffice)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Set up a form in Online Express
  2. Type your desired email addresses in the Receive email notifications for new donations panel on the Thank yous tab of your form wizard
  3. Copy the JavaScript from the That's it tab of your form wizard
  4. Embed the form's JavaScript on your website
  5. Click Save & Close on your form wizard
  6. Make a test donation to your form or wait for a donation to be made to the form
  7. Notice that either no user receives the notification email for the transaction or only certain users receive the notification email for the transaction


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