Error: "FM_Application Record not on File" when Viewing Grant Applications

When viewing a grant application in the grant module this error will appear, and also it is noted that these grants do not appear on grant history reports that are run.
The FM_Application is the FieldMaker application table. The first step to resolve will be to go to the + tab on one of the grant applications where the error occurs and see if data can be selected. After that, the following steps will need to be completed:
Commit changes in FieldMaker
  1. Make sure that all users are logged out of FIMS.
  2. Go Tools > System Utilities > FieldMaker Configuration
  3. Click the Processes tab then click run process
  4. Click yes to continue and this will close FIMS and run process.
  5. Click yes to rebuild SQL views
  6. After that, the FIMS login window will pop up.
  7. Log into FIMS and verify that the issue is resolved.



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