There's no Mid-term Upgrade button in Daily Sales

When you have a single term membership with an Additional Member Add-on purchased, you can’t upgrade the membership in daily sales only. You may have a membership program that won't allow you to use the Mid-term Upgrade button in Daily Sales.
If you are experiencing this issue use the following steps to upgrade the membership through the back office
  1. Click Constituents > Constituent Search
  2. Search for and select the constituent record
  3. Click the add membership link in the upper left hand corner of the screen
  4. In the "What are they paying for?" section change the first drop down to Upgrade a membership
  5. Change the Program text box to the membership program's name
  6. Choose your membership level and term
  7. Complete the rest of the add a membership form and click save

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click the Memberships tab in Altru
  2. Next to Membership Programs, click Add.
  3. Name your program. Make sure that Membership terms are set to 1 term
  4. On the Levels tab, add 2 or more levels with different prices.
  5. At the bottom, check the box next to “This membership program uses add-ons”
  6. In the name column, set it as Additional Member, and give it a price point.
  7. Save your membership program.
  8. Go to a constituents record through a constituent search.
  9. On the left, click Add a Membership.
  10. Fill out the form. For Program, select your membership program. For level, select the most basic level. You need a higher level so you can upgrade.
  11. Once completed, click Sales>Daily Sales.
  12. Input the constituent at the top left. Note how there is no option to do a mid-term upgrade.


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