Message "The gifts module posts to the G/L Account Key. This entry may cause the account not to balance with the module, " when Attempting to Make a Gift Adjustment Directly in General Ledger

This message will occur when going directly to general ledger and attempting to make a manual journal entry to adjust a gift.
Gifts should never be adjusted directly in General Ledger, rather these adjustments should be made in the Gifts module using the Gift Adjustment process which will flow through appropriately to General Ledger. More informatoin on this topic can be found in FIMS Online Help: and gifts management/adjusting gifts.htm#_Toc425948996%3FTocPath%3DFIMS%2520Core%2520Modules%7CDonor%2520and%2520Gift%2520Management%7CWorking%2520with%2520Posted%2520Gifts%7C_____2




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