The reason this occurs may possibly be due to networking issues, firewall blocking, or web scanner software that prevents the download of attachments from our servers.

To resolve this issue, we would advise the following as one potential solution:

1. Take note of the number of the Application or Requirement - this is the ID number of the application or requirement
2. Click 'No' to leave the attachments on the server
3. Contact Blackbaud MicroEdge GIFTS Technical Support and provide us with your Site ID and the Application or Requirement ID number
4. We will make efforts to pull the attachments for you, which we will then forward to you
5. Once this is done, you may attempt to retrieve once more and click 'Yes' if the same error above appears - what will occur is that the Application will be able to be Considered into GIFTS and you will already have the attachments provided by us for later upload