If you are building a search in GIFTS Online and you wish to add a 'NOT' clause, simply do the following:

1. Once logged into GIFTS Online, click 'Full Search'
2. Build your search using the Request Types and Filters available to you in the Full Search window
3. Once the search is built, click the 'Advanced' link at the bottom of the Full Search window
4. Place parentheses around your search parameters in the Advanced Search window if they are not already added.

  • e.g. Payments.Status_ID = 160 OR Payments.Status_ID = 124 becomes (Payments.Status_ID = 160 OR Payments.Status_ID = 124)

5. Type the word NOT before the parentheses.

  • e.g. NOT (Payments.Status_ID = 160 OR Payments.Status_ID = 124)

6. Click 'Search' > Your resulting searches in this example will contain Payments that do NOT have a Status ID of 160 (Contingent) or 124 (Void)