The Calendar Events module is separate from TeamRaiser and so the ticket purchases can't be credited in that way. To achieve a similar effect, you can refund the ticket purchase transaction without returning the money back to the Credit Card and then create an offline donation in the TeamRaiser with the ticket purchaser as the donor. Then you'll re-register the constituent to the Calendar Event at a $0 amount. The donation will show up in TeamRaiser reports, but the ticket purchase will show as $0 in the Calendar Event reports. If you're okay with this set up, follow the steps below to achieve this.
  1. Select Constituent360 > Constituents
  2. Search for the constituent who purchased the ticket
  3. Click View next to their name
  4. Delete a transaction out of the system without refunding the credit card.
  5. How to record an offline gift for a TeamRaiser participant
    • When selecting the donor, choose the constituent that initially purchased the Calendar Event ticket
  6. Register an Event Attendee at a $0 amount