If you want to remove a Role from appearing in the list under Access when marking the form as Student-Centric, you can remove this role from having access to the form.
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Reports.
  2. Click the Report Admin tab.
  3. Select Category: Forms/Commerce.
  4. Locate the following 3 forms:
    • School Form [E]
    • School Form - Bulk Print [E]
    • School Forms - By Section [E]
  5. To the right of each of these forms, click the Role link
  6. Remove access for any Role that you do not want to appear under Access on the Student Centric forms/to have access to your School Forms.
  7. Click Save.
You will need to completely log out/back in before impersonating any users to check access. This will remove the user's access to School Forms, as well as remove the Role from appearing under Student-Centric Access:

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