I'm trying to consider an application and receiving an error : An operation was attempted on IGAM field name 'AFFILIATIONS_EXT'.

I'm trying to consider an application in GIFTS Online, but each time I try to consider the application, GIFTS Online throws an error. The error reads:

Application [xxx]: Application was not considered successfully. Error: Error occurred while processing question "Event Attire". An operation was attempted on IGAM field name AFFILIATIONS_EXT of type GiftsContact - a property does not exist on the type with this field name.

How can I resolve this issue and consider this application?
We are currently evaluating this issue that is caused by custom affiliations fields, and is slated to be resolved in a future release.

Should you receive this error, Please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at https://www.blackbaud.com/contact-us/ which will always have the most up to date information. When submitting a case, please be sure to provide the full contents of the error message and the application ID/ record ID/ form ID, which can be found in the retrieve and manage applications window.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Select the application
2. Click Consider
3. Receive error.


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