When you create a datagrid, the View Name you place on the grid  - its "Title", is entered in the Catalog table.  You typically will generate the view on creation and everything will be fine.  When you come back later from looking at another view and select your newly created view from the drop-down selection,  it is possible that the name you gave to the view and the label that was stored might be different due to special characters or size of the title.  If the system isn't able to match the name selected with the name stored you might encounter this error:

User-added image

To resolve the issue:
  1. Click on View settings
  2. Navigate to the datagrid having the issue
  3. Click Save As
  4. Give it a new and shorter View name without any special characters.
  5. Click OK , Save it and Generate the View.

To test the new name:
  1. Select a working view from the drop down or click the Default View button
  2. After that view displays select your new view from the drop-down.
  3. If you have successfully renamed it well, it will display.

Click View settings and delete the original view that is no longer working.