I recently deactivated my stage 2 application form and made changes to it. Now my applicant cannot see the stage 2 in their portal and I cannot generate a new one.

I recently generated a group of stage 2 application forms to my grantees. But I then realized there was an issue with the form and had to deactivate the form to make changes to the application form. After I deactivated the form and made my changes, my grantees said that they were unable to see the stage 2 application in their portal. I opened the request that was created from the stage 1 but I cannot see a means of generating the stage 2 again. How can I publish this stage 2 application again?
We are currently evaluating this issue and it is slated to be resolved in a future release.

Should you and your grantees experience this issue, please contact Blackbaud Technical Support at 877.704.3343, or submit a case through the PowerME portal on Community.

When submitting a case, please be sure to provide the IDs of the REQUESTS for which you need to generate the stage 2 applications again..


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