I'm trying to set the auto-deactivation date on a form, but each time I set the date, it is not saving.

I'm a GIFTS Online user in the United Kingdom, and I'm trying to set the automatic deactivation date on one of my IGAM forms. However, each time I set the date and then save the form, the date is not being saved and I have to set the date over again. How can I resolve this issue so that my deactivation dates save correctly?
We are evaluating this issue in GIFTS Online that stems from converting the dd/mm/yyyy datetime format to mm/dd/yyyy datetime format. It is slated to be resolved in a future release.

Should you receive this error, please contact Blackbaud Technical Support at 877.704.3343, or submit a case through the PowerME portal on Community.

Should you encounter this issue, please note that you should be able to set the automatic deactivation date to any date prior to the 13th of the month without issue.


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