Real Estate Type Drop Down is not Populating

When selecting Gift Type of 'Real Estate', the 'Type' field that becomes available as a result shows no values when selecting the drop down arrow.
1. From the eTapestry main menu select Management > System Defined Fields.
2. Select 'Real Estate'.
3. In the 'Name *' box under Add Value, type in the values you would like to appear in the drop down box on the Journal Entry screen.  Make sure to select the 'Add Value' button after you type in each value.
4. Once you see all of the desired values under the Values section, select the 'Save and Finish' button.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Under Journal, select the + icon to add a new Journal Entry.
2. Select 'Gift/Pledge' under the Transaction column.
3. Click on the 'Gift Types *' label.
4. Change the Gift Type to 'Real Estate'.
5. In the new 'Type *' drop down box select the arrow.  No entries appear.  There is nothing to select here.

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