When submitting a file for Affluence Insight scorecard processing, you may submit the file in either:
  • comma separated value (.csv)
  • or pipe delimited (.txt.) format.
When creating the file please include the following fields in the order they are listed:
  1. Import ID (Unique record ID)
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. 1st line of prospect's HOME address
  5. 2nd line of prospect's HOME address
  6. City
  7. State Abbreviations
  8. Zip Code
  9. Total Gift Amount in Most Recent 12 months
    • Gift Types To Include: All gift types that represent donations received, for example: Cash, Pledge Payments, Stock, Soft Credits
    • Gift Types to Exclude: Pledges, Corporate Matching Gift Pledges, Write-Offs, Credits, Gift-In-Kind
Once created, please send the file to your Account Executive.  If you have any questions regarding submitting the file, please contact tasolutions@blackbaud.com

For more information on Affluence Insight please view What is Affluence Insight™ from Blackbaud Target Analytics®?