There is a tool on the Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Profile Imports menu that will create new donors or grantees.

Usually the tool is used after importing profiles to create the records so that Gifts or Grant applications can then be more easily imported or created.  However, the tool requires knowledge of either a profile sequence without an affiliation or a profile range that will also select on an affiliation.

If you have a list of profile id codes that you need to work with, then use the Profile > File Maintenance > Add Affiliation from Exported file utility to add an affiliation code to your selection.  Then you can use the Create New XXXX Utility to add your donor,grantee, vendor or student records.

In this situation you would typically leave the profile id filter alone to select on all profile and fill in the affiliation field with your newly created one.

Once that is done you can use your Global Change or Import record update utility.

It is strongly advised that you test this out in Test and Learn first since there is no way to undo the creation of the records.