To be able to change the gender of your titles, you will need the Major Giving Module to access the Title Code Defaults feature in Altru. To check and see if you have this, follow these steps:
  1. Click the question mark button (Help Fly Out) in the top right corner of Altru
  2. Select About Altru in the top of the menu
  3. In the selection labeled Installed Products, check to see if you have ResearchPoint listed
If ResearchPoint isn't listed, you don't have the Major Giving Module. You can contact your account manager in you are interested in adding this module.

If ResearchPoint is listed, you can edit the title code defaults to Male, Female, or Unknown with the steps below. Selecting Unknown will not automatically change the gender when adding a title to a constituent record. 
  1. From Prospects, click Title code defaults under Configuration
  2. Click the drop-down next to a title and Edit
  3. Select an option in the Gender field
  4. Click Save
If you need to add, edit or delete tiles in the Title code defaults please review our knowledgebase article I need to edit the Titles that appear when adding a new record.