Why is the fingerprint changing?

When the SSL certificate is updated for the FTP connection to Luminate Online, the SHA1 Fingerprint is also updated. The update is necessary yearly when the SSL certificate is updated on the server.

What is a SHA1 Fingerprint?

 This article at Wikipedia explains what a SHA1 Fingerprint is.  In a nutshell it is a unique way to identify the connection that is being made to avoid any sort of possible incorrect connection, or additional security to ensure the connection is being made to the expected server.

Why do I care that the fingerprint is changing? How will this affect my organization?

For most organizations there will be no action necessary.  Some scripts and data connections may have to accept the new fingerprint as an authorized connection if they are configured to need this layer of security.  

Will this impact Luminate Online operation at all?  Will there be downtime?

No, this will not have any impact at all to the Luminate Online application or it's functions.