Constituents not pulling into Membership renewals

While running your membership renewal process you may notice that Constituents created from a conversion do not pull into the membership renewal process unless the mailing preference smart query is removed from the membership rules segment

Steps to Duplicate

Run the membership renewal process
  1. Click Memberships > click on the name of the membership 
  2. Click Process membership renewals
  3. Click Start
After running the membership renewal process you may notice that some constituents are missing from the letters

Remove the Mail Preference
  1. Click Marketing and Communications > Membership renewal efforts
  2. Click on the Templates Tab > click on the name of the membership renewal template
  3. Under the Membership Rules tab click the arrow next to the segment that the constituent should pull into > click edit
  4. Click the Pencil icon next to the segment text field
  5. Click on the Mail Preference Smart Query > click Delete
  6. Click Save. Click save again on the Edit membership renewal effort rule screen
  7. Click Start Process to re-run the membership renewal process


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