We migrated to Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) and now my merge fields are not merging data

After we migrated to Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) some of our merge fields from historical templates are not merging anymore.
1. Go to the the Document Template Manager and log in. Note: you many need to install from Admin and install Document Template Manager.
2. Locate the template your are merging in Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) and highlight it.
3. Go to the Action tab and Click on "Open merge fields"
4. Locate the merge field(s) that are not merging and remove -> Ok
5. Highlight the template and go to the Action tab and click on the "Open merge field" option and re-add the fields you just removed and then OK
6. Highlight the template and got to the Action tab and click on "Open Template" and it will open in Word.
7. Highlight and delete the merge field(s) from the template and then go to the Mailings tab and select "Insert Merge Field" and select the merge field you just deleted and replace it. Do this for each field that was having the issue.
8. Save and close
9. Test by merging the template.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Select any request disposition (Approved, pending or declined)
2. Go to the Action tab in the tool bar then select Generate Letter or email
3. Select a historical template that was in your GIFTS or Alta program and generate
4. You will notice that some of the merge field did not populate with data


 Firefox;Internet Explorer
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