Pasted images from emails in Action Notepads do not display correctly in NXT

Images pasted into an action notepad in the the classic Raiser's Edge view display as code when viewed in NXT.

Notepads do not support photos or other media. Please refer to Can images and media be added to Notepads?

Steps to Duplicate

1) Open up the RE7 database view
2) Open a constituent record
3) Navigate to the 'Actions' tab
4) Create a new action
5) Navigate to the 'Notes' tab
6) Fill in the date and 'Type'
7) Copy an image that is embedded in an email
8) Paste the image into the 'Notes' box
9) Save and close the notepad and action
10) If you open the notepad again in database view, the image is visible
11) Log in to the NXT view
12) Navigate to the same constituent
13) Open up the action and notepad
14) The image now displays as code


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