Error: Invalid Phone Number - when adding a phone number to RE NXT Web View

When adding a telephone number in the RE NXT wev view, some users receive error message that the Phone Number is Invalid.
  1. In the Database View, navigate to Config > International.
  2. Check for any invalid or duplicate countries (Example: US, U.S.A, and U S A are possible duplicates for the United States record. The correct US country is one that you cannot delete.)
  3. If there are any invalid entries, perform a Global Change to the Country of Preferred Addresses to replace any incorrect countries with correct ones.
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 for each invalid or duplicate country identified.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to RE NXT
2. Open any record
3. Under Contact information click Edit>Phone Numbers
4. Click Add phone number
5. Use the drop down arrow to select a type
6. Enter a phone number in the number field
7. Mark Primary, Do not call or Inactive as needed
8. Click Done
9. Receive error "Invalid Phone Number"

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