There are multiple reasons that this may occur, we will be going over three of the most common reasons below:

First, be sure that there is not a copy of the INI file in your VirtualStore folder. To confirm, take the following steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer
2. Navigate to the following path - C:\Users\[your Windows user name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows
3. If there is a GIFTS.INI file within, open the file and confirm that the path is pointing to your test environment
4. If the path points anywhere but the test environment, rename the file so that it will not be recognized when you launch GIFTS Alta.

If this does not resolve the issue, please continue with the steps below.

Confirm that you are using the correct CFG file:
1. Navigate to your GIFTS directory in the test environment > Search within the directory for the file entitled 'GIFTS.cfg'
2. Once the file is located, open the file using Notepad
3. If the CFG file does not contain the phrase 'Test Account', there is a good chance that this is your Production CFG file
4. Search for your Test CFG file and replace the existing CFG file in your Test GIFTS directory with the Test CFG file. If you are unable to do so or do not have a copy of your Test CFG file, contact Blackbaud MicroEdge GIFTS Support at 877-704-3343 or by logging a case through the PowerMe Portal, and we will check on the status of your CFG file

If this does not resolve the issue, please continue with the steps below.

After confirming that the INI file, CFG file and ODBC are all pointing to the Test Environment, clear your IGAM Site ID parameter in your Preferences Editor:
1. Launch and log into Admin.exe from your Test environment
2. From the Administrator, go to Setup Choose Preferences, Select General
3. From the Preferences window, click 'Preferences Editor'. You will receive a prompt 'In order to enter the Preferences Editor, any changes made to the preferences must be saved. Do you wish to continue?'.  Click 'Yes'
4. Once Preferences Editor opens, collapse the System category by clicking the + icon. Scroll through the subcategories until you come to GAMApplications 
5. Double-click GamApplications to edit the preference
6. In the Edit Preference window, go to the Preferences field and scroll down until you see the IGAMSiteID parameter.  Normally, this will appear as 'IGAMSiteID=####' 
7. Delete the number after the = sign so that it displays as 'IGAMSiteID='. Click 'OK
6. Close the Preferences Editor
7. Launch IGAM.  This action will use the CFG file to bootstrap to the Test Site ID

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact Blackbaud MicroEdge GIFTS Support at 877-704-3343 or create a case through the PowerMe Portal.