Error: CK_REVENUE_RECEIPTAMOUNTLESSTHANGIFTAMOUNT - When committing a BBIS Event Registration Transaction Batch

When commtting a BBIS Event Registration Transaction batch for a multi-level event from Custom Online Event Registration part where the fee was originally waived, you might encounter the error, "CK_REVENUE_RECEIPTAMOUNTLESSTHANGIFTAMOUNT" 
We are currently evaluating the issue with registrations submitted from this customization.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Manually add an event registration to a multi-level event for constituent and unnamed guest and waive the fee.
2. Have the constituent pay the fee for one of the multi level events and through BBIS. 
3. Commit the BBIS Event Registration Transaction batch and notice the error "CK_REVENUE_RECEIPTAMOUNTLESSTHANGIFTAMOUNT"
4. Uncheck the waive fee for the event registrant and the guest on that event and then re-committed the batch. Notice that when editing the registration, the total registration fee is the same as the receipt amount.
5. After the attempt re-commit, notice that the same error is generated. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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