As a first step, we always ask that users on Windows machines be sure that their browser is set up for use with GIFTS Online following the guide below:

Beyond this, when we encounter the issue, we note that when we open the file from the list of downloaded files in Internet Explorer, the file connects to our SharePoint servers and can be edited, saved, and checked in. The issue here, then is not that GIFTS Online is failing to work or that your connection to our SharePoint server is failing - the issue is in how your browser handles downloading files and why it does not automatically launch Microsoft Word when the file completes download.

To access your downloaded files more quickly, hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard to bring up the list of downloads. In this way, the file becomes easier to access, but does not address the root cause of the issue.

Since browser and workstation setup vary from person to person, we would ask that you please discuss the matter further with your internal IT team. Often, this issue is not occurring on all workstations, so there is likely a difference in setup between a working computer and non-working that your IT team will be more equipped to address.