These steps must be performed by a  Client Administrator, as only they have the rights to Manage other user's Dashboards.

1. From your Dashboard, Select to Admin, Click 'Manage Dashboards'
2. The Manage Dashboard window will open,  Choose the user you wish to create the dashboard part for, Click 'Modify Dashboard'
2. Click the dropdown arrow next to one of their existing Dashboard tabs, Select 'Add Part'
4. From the Add Part window, choose 'Table'
5. Enter the Title of your choice and any other details, including Header and Footer
6. Under 'Filters', Click Modify
7. In the Search Filters window, build the search you need to pull your desired results
- One suggestion would be to click 'Advanced' and use the search outlined below:
(Activities.Class = 3 OR Activities.Class = 4) AND Requests.Staff_ID = N'<Staff User ID>' AND Activities.Received_Date IS NULL
- Be sure to replace <Staff User ID> with the login ID of the staff whom you are building the part for
Example: (Activities.Class = 3 OR Activities.Class = 4) AND Requests.Staff_ID = N'ASMITH' AND Activities.Received_Date IS NULL
8. Apply a View if you wish using the selection from the dropdown menu
9. Click 'Save' and confirm the new Dashboard part appears
10. Once the Part is all set, move your mouse to the alert banner next to 'To stop modifying this dashboard' and click the link that says 'Click here'