I'm trying to open a window or form in GIFTS, but when I click to open it, nothing happens.

I'm trying to open a window or a form in classic installed GIFTS, but when I double click to open the window nothing happens. GIFTS just freezes and I'm unable to locate the window I was attempting to open. This can happen launching IGAM, adding codes to a request, or in many other areas. If I hit the escape key, I can work in GIFTS again but it again seems to freeze once I try to open the window again.
This issue is normally caused by the window opening 'off-screen'. The windows that open have their location stored as a preference in GIFTS. In certain instances, this location can be off the current monitor. This is most common when going from a multi-monitor setup to a single monitor. In order to resolve this, perform the action that caused GIFTS to 'freeze' or to have the window appear. Then, click the Alt key and Space key on your keyboard together, followed by the M key. This will allow you to move the window either with your directional keys or your mouse. Move the window back to the center of your screen and its location should update in the GIFTS preferences.



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