In order to comply with Federal Law, Blackbaud's Acceptable Use Policy, and our Internet Service Provider's Acceptable Use Policy, recipients must specifically opt in to mailing lists and those who opt out of email lists must have their request respected. Uploads or other list transfers from other service providers are ** PROHIBITED BY LAW **. While non-profit and political groups are exempt from some provisions of Federal Anti-Spam laws, importing lists from 3rd parties is not one of them. Recipients who have properly opted into a list and were opted out due to error may be opted back in. To do so, you must document: 
  • How this error happened in detail. If this is an import, a detailed explanation of where the data came from must also be provided in addition to how the import setting was made incorrectly.
  • Confirm that this has been fixed. If the issue occurred due to a faulty template, then the template must be fixed as well.
  • Confirm that the recipients are actually opt ins, that the recipient understood that they would be receiving regular or bulk emails (added to an email list) and that the language describing this was clear and not hidden from view or obfuscated in unrelated or promotional text.
Please note the following considerations:
  • If all three conditions above cannot be met, an opt-in confirmation email can be set up by Professional Services to opt this group in. Details, including costs, can be obtained from PS.
  • Verification of any or all details MAY be required. Verification regarding import sources WILL be required. Please be prepared to submit URLs or other evidence.
  • Not all members of a group will be opted back in even if this request is approved. Those who have filed spam complaints against us, have invalid email addresses, or are otherwise blacklisted will not be opted back in.
  • If an opt-in list is found to contain recycled spam traps, the entire list may be unsubscribed without warning. The presence of pristine spam traps will be considered ABUSE of our systems and may result in the loss of the client's ability to send email.
If you are ready to proceed after reviewing the information above, follow the steps below to change the Accept Email field to No (Opt-out of email) for multiple constituents:
  1. Prepare a CSV file of all constituents whose profiles you wish to update (opt-out) including the following columns:
    • Constituent ID - For matching the correct profile in Luminate Online. You may use email address or member ID, but constituent ID is the most reliable
    • Accept Email - With No, 0, or False populated for all constituents
  2. Run a Custom Constituent Import using "Overwrite fields with non-blank values from the import file" for the Update Action. Note: It is always advised to run a small test import to ensure that records are updated as desired before attempting the full import run.
  • To change the Accept Email field to Yes (Opt-in to email) or change the Email Status field for multiple constituents:
Because Luminate Online email is permission-based, all mass opt-ins must be performed by Blackbaud RDO and are only performed at the discretion of our internal teams who must review the case scenario for a specific, corrected reason the constituents may have been accidentally or inadvertently opted-out as well as consent from all impacted records to have initially been opted-in or intended to have been opted-in. Additionally, Email Status fields can only be mass changed by Blackbaud RDO. Please note that we require at least one week to review the request and prepare any updates, but this request can take up to two-three weeks for verification and implementation. If you would like to make either of these requests, please:
  1. Place all constituents to be adjusted in a group specifically created for this request
  2. Submit a case for Blackbaud Support including the following information:
  • This article number (110761)
  • The Group Name/ID
  • Answers to the following questions (all are required)
    • Why are these constituents opted-out or have a bad bounce email status?
    • Why would you like these constituents opted-in or have their email status changed?
    • What issue caused the opt-outs or bounces? Please include any relevant links to the admin or constituent-facing portion of your site that caused the issue (such as a survey or TeamRaiser event).
    • When did the issue start? When did it stop?
    • What steps were taken to correct the issue and prevent it from reoccurring? Please include any relevant links to the admin or constituent-facing portion of your site to show the issue has been corrected.
    • Confirm that the constituents should actually be opted in and they understand they should be receiving regular emails and that the opt-in message was clear and not hidden from view or obfuscated in unrelated or promotional text.