• To change the Accept Email field to No (Opt-out of email) for multiple constituents:
  1. Prepare a CSV file of all constituents whose profiles you wish to update (opt-out) including the following columns:
    • Constituent ID - For matching the correct profile in Luminate Online. You may use email address or member ID, but constituent ID is the most reliable
    • Accept Email - With No, 0, or False populated for all constituents
  2. Run a Custom Constituent Import using "Overwrite fields with non-blank values from the import file" for the Update Action. Note: It is always advised to run a small test import to ensure that records are updated as desired before attempting the full import run.
  • To change the Accept Email field to Yes (Opt-in to email) or change the Email Status field for multiple constituents:
Because Luminate Online email is permission-based, all mass opt-ins must be performed by Customer Support/Blackbaud and are only performed at the discretion of our internal teams who must review the case scenario for a specific, corrected reason the constituents may have been accidentally or inadvertently opted-out as well as consent from all impacted records to have initially been opted-in or intended to have been opted-in. Additionally, Email Status fields can only be mass changed by Customer Support/Blackbaud. Please note that we require at least one week to review the request and prepare any updates, but this request can take up to two-three weeks for verification and implementation. If you would like to make either of these requests, please:
  1. Place all constituents to be adjusted in a group specifically created for this request
  2. Contact Support including the following information:
  • This article number (110761)
  • The Group Name/ID
  • Answers to the following questions (all are required)
    • Why are these constituents opted-out or have a bad bounce email status?
    • Why would you like these constituents opted-in or have their email status changed?
    • What issue caused the opt-outs or bounces? Please include any relevant links to the admin or constituent-facing portion of your site that caused the issue (such as a survey or TeamRaiser event).
    • When did the issue start? When did it stop?
    • What steps were taken to correct the issue and prevent it from reoccurring? Please include any relevant links to the admin or constituent-facing portion of your site to show the issue has been corrected.
    • Confirm that the constituents should actually be opted in and they understand they should be receiving regular emails and that the opt-in message was clear and not hidden from view or obfuscated in unrelated or promotional text.