To prepare for a move of your GIFTS SQL database from one server to another, you must first confirm if the new SQL Server is going to be compatible for use with the version of GIFTS you are currently running.

As a first step, we would advise that you review the pertinent documentation located on our How To page located at the URL below:
We have help documents that can be accessed on this page ranging from GIFTS 6.4 to our latest version and GIFTS Alta 1.6.1 to our latest version.

After completing your SQL migration, you must then ensure that the ODBC is set up properly on all GIFTS/GIFTS Alta workstations to point to the new database server.
Launch ODBCad.exe > Go to System DSN tab
In the System DSN tab, highlight GIFTS (or whichever DSN denotes your GIFTS SQL database) > Click 'Configure' button
If the Server name or IP has changed, update the Server: entry and continue with the ODBC connection

The final step would be to ensure that the users' GIFTS.INI file is pointing correctly to the GIFTS SQL database using the ODBC connect string within the file.
The ODBC connect string appears similarly to the example below:

[SQL Server]
If you do not intend on changing the name of the database entry in ODBC or the name of the database container on SQL server, you do not need to update the ODBC connect string. This would be the easiest of the two options, you are not required to change these settings.
If you do intend on changing the name of the database entry in ODBC and/or the name of the database container on SQL server for whatever reason, you MUST update the DSN parameter to match the ODBC entry and/or the DATABASE parameter to match the name of the database container on SQL server.

Example: In creating my new ODBC connection, I've created a new entry in System DSN tab called 'giftsnew' and I have created a new container for my GIFTS SQL database on the new server I am migrating to called 'SQLGIFTS'. Because I have done this, I must update the ODBC Connect string in my GIFTS INI to read as follows:
[SQL Server]

Once all of these pieces have been considered and any suggested changes made, you may then have your users launch GIFTS/GIFTS Alta to confirm that they are hitting the GIFTS SQL database on the new server.