Receipt Preference is not being followed in BBCRM.

Users have found that the Receipt Preference is not followed after running the Receipts Process. 
The 'Output type' and 'Output format' on the receipt process determines when the receipt preference is applied. Specifically the receipt preference is ignored when you have the Output type as 'Export definition'. If you want the Receipt preference to be applied, you should have these settings on the receipt process:

Output type = Output format
Output format = either Formatted mail receipt output or E-mail receipt output.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to a constituent record.
2. From the Communications tab > Preferences > Add a new Mail preference
3. Select the Mail type: Receipts and click the Preference to "Do not send" 
4. Add a Payment.
5. Navigate to the Receipts Process.
6. Run the Receipts Process.
7. After the receipt process completes, download the output.
8. Note that the gift that should not have been included was in the output. 
9. Navigate to the constituents record from step 1. 
10. Notes under the Communications tab > Communications sub-tab > the constituent record was sent a receipt. 


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