This is often the result of entering the date ranges on the Launch screen of the report in the incorrect order. When entering the date ranges, start with the oldest you'd like to compare and work your way to the most recent. For example, if you wanted to compare calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016, you would enter the years starting with 2014:

Entering Date Ranges

If the dates are entered starting with the most recent, every other date range will show no results.

If you are entering the date ranges in the correct order and are still seeing no results, verify that the query you are using to run the report contains transactions or donors who gave within the date ranges you are focusing on. For example, if the queryreturns no donors from 2014-2016, when we run a report with that query we will see no results in those years.

If the results still appear incorrect, Contact Support and reference this article.