Changing the constituent on waived fees causes the benefits to display incorrectly on the Event Registrant Page and in Batch

Users may find that after changing which constituent receives a waived fee in an event registration, that the benefits appear to be doubled on the new constituent that received the waived fee.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an event with at least 1 registration option.
2. Add a benefit to the registration option that has a receipt-able value.
3. Adjust the Registration fee to exceed the value of the benefit.
4. Add a Registrant and 5 guests.
5. Waive the registration fee on two of the guests and save.
6. Review the benefits, they should look correct.
7. Click on the Registrations tab then Edit.
8. Change the waive fee to two other guests and removed from the previous two guests.
9. Review the Benefits tab and notice that the guests we most recently waived the fee on now have a glitched out benefit record. One will not open and the other shows double benefits.


 Blackbaud CRM

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