How to setup the ODBC Connection on the FIMS server?

For FIMS client workstations to be able to setup the ODBC connection, it first must be setup on the FIMS server.
1 – Setup the database for SQL
In OpenEdge Explorer:
Create the SQL configuration for the database.  Settings will be 2600,1,1024,1,IPv4,sql,#oflicenses(ex. 5),1,5000,3000,localhost
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You can create a SQL configuration for more than one database (could make one for every setup database if desired)
Stop database(s) and then restart it(them).
2 – Install the ODBC driver via FIMS
Launch FIMS and log into the database with the SQL configuration (will need to log into each and do the following step for all databases that will have a SQL/ODBC connection)
Go to Tools\System Utilities\Admin Utilities\SQL Tools\ODBC92 Configuration
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The original settings will be (Foundspl92, FIMS Database,[servername],2600,found,[userid])
The Data Source Name and Service Name will need to be different for each database (ex. demo would be Demosql92 and 2601)
Click OK
3 – Check with the ODBC Data Source Administrator
Launches – ODBC Data Source Administer
Look at the System DSN tab – Foundsql92 (should be there in list) and any others as well (ex. Demosql92)
Click on Configure…
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Click on Test Connect – a window will pop up with the same info as above but asking for a password (if required)
Click OK
Should get a pop up window (Connection established!)
Click OK



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