To provide Blackbaud with your backup file for migration, you need to download Blackbaud Azure Explorer, create a backup of your Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge database, enter the SAS url provided by your Blackbaud Implementation Coordinator, and then upload your backup file.

Step 1. Download Blackbaud Azure Explorer:

We recommend you download Blackbaud Azure Explorer on the same database server where you will be creating a backup of your database. If you plan to store your backup on a network location, you can also install Blackbaud Azure Explorer on a server or workstation where you can access your backup file.

From the Blackbaud Azure Explorer website, download and install the free tool.

Step 2. Make a one-time manual backup of Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge with Blackbaud Management Console:
  1. On the database server, open the Blackbaud Management Console.
    Note: The SQL Server database engine can be left running while the database is being backed up through the Blackbaud Management Console.
  2. Under the database name to be backed up, highlight Backup. Do not enter a password.
  3. Click Perform Backup.

    Cylinder with blue arrow pointing toward computer

  4. In the Backup path field, enter a location for the backup or click the browse button to locate the directory.
    • Ensure that there are no punctuation marks or symbols in the database backup path. For example, change C:\Raiser's Edge to C:\Raisers Edge. You must save the backup on a local drive, not a network drive.
    • Ensure this path is entered each time, as the system does not automatically retain this information.
  5. Mark the Compress files after backup checkbox to zip the files.
  6. Click Backup.  A waiting screen appears while the database files are backed up and compressed into a single ZIP file.  Once complete, the Backup History window will show "Succeeded" as the result.

For more information, see How do I make a backup and restore from or test the backup.

Step 3. Upload your backup file with Blackbaud Azure Explorer:

  1. Open Blackbaud Azure Explorer. 
  2. From the Connect screen, enter the SAS url provided to you by your Blackbaud Hosting Implementation Coordinator.
  3. Click Connect. The Upload screen appears. 
    To send your Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge backup file to Blackbaud, click Upload.
  4. Search for and select your backup file. You can upload a .bak or .zip backup file.
  5. Click Open. You can see the progress of your upload.
  6. Your upload is done when the Status says "Complete."

    Note: The time it takes to upload your backup file depends on the size of your backup and your network connection speed. If you’re struggling to upload a backup file, we recommend you try to upload a .zip file instead of a .bak.
  7. Once your file is uploaded, inform your Implementation Coordinator. Use the Copy message to clipboard link to easily copy the name of your file. If you uploaded more than one file, let your  Implementation Coordinator know which file to use for migration.

Additional Information:

  • If you need to re-upload a file, rename it locally and then attempt the upload again.
  • Blackbaud Azure Explorer securely uploads your file by https to secure Azure hosting servers. The file is then used by our software in migrating your database. No person views or modifies your data in our process.
  • We do not recommend you share your SAS url.
  • If you take longer than 90 days to upload your backup database, please contact your Blackbaud Implementation Coordinator.