The example below explains how to copy the Default View on the Vendor tab in the Accounts Payable module to create a new one that will include additional fields.

1.  Go to the Vendor tab in the Accounts Payable module and click on the binoculars button so the data grid is displayed.
2.  Click on the View Settings button (located on the left below the drop-down list of views).
3.  Make sure the Default View is highlighted. Click on Save As and give the new view a name (Tip: use a short name).
4.  Under "Type" choose Full if you would like more information, such as the address from the profile module (type might say Opt and you should change to Full). If you ONLY want the Tax ID with the default info, choose Opt.
5.  Change the description. Click OK.

6.  Click the Tables tab.  If you have chosen the Full type and want information from the Profile table, choose the Grantee,Profile table combination.  If you chose the Opt type, choose the Grantee table you want by looking at the description on the right (Grantees Only, All Grantees & Vendors or Vendors Only).
7.  Click on the Columns tab and drop down to (Grantee) Tax ID and click the Add button.

8.  If you see more fields you’d like to add, you would add them here.
9.  Click Save.
10.Click Generate View